We worked with Shropshire Botanical Society to provide online access to their botanical data.

As a botanical society we have a responsibility to our members to try to make their data available to help conserve the plants in Shropshire. We had a small understanding of the work that was needed to create our online database but needed to be guided by a company we could trust to do the best job possible. Careful Digital were able to understand the scope and nature of the project and were sympathetic to our objectives. James took time to develop a relationship with staff at the National Biodiversity Network, who held our data within their own significantly larger database. He patiently developed an understanding of the API, spending some of his own time in order to better get to grips with a complex interface.

The project was broken into several phases; enabling each to be delivered independently. This allowed a team within the botanical society to test, and provide feedback, before each phase went live. As each section was developed James worked diligently through any teething problems, responding promptly to feedback, correcting any problems quickly. Throughout the entire project Careful Digital were consistent in delivering everything that had been carefully designed. improving upon the design and functionality: on time and within budget. We are proud to be the only county in Britain to provide free online access to their botanical data.

So when it then came to ensuring that the website would be hosted and maintained Careful Digital was the natural choice which has also proved to be another great decision as James hasn't taken his eye off the ball, responding quickly and taking time to understand problems, fixing them promptly and communicating effectively.

John Handley, Shropshire Botanical Society

We have been working with Field Studies Council to develop their data reporting architecture.

James Drever (Careful Digital) has implemented Power BI reporting here at Field Studies Council from scratch. First, designing the data reporting architecture required and putting the supporting infrastructure into place. His work has included organising the daily export of data from our CRM, building our SQL reporting database/data repository, transforming, and aligning the exported data into formats suitable for our reporting needs. To then creating our Power BI datasets and reports that deliver/power our business insight and data analysis capability.

James’ focus isn’t purely of a technical nature. His holistic approach enables James to see and consider the bigger data picture, enabling him to offer sensible suggestions and data/reporting solutions. James is also a personable and re-assuring presence to call upon. In my role as data manager, I am thankful to be able to access his wisdom and expertise to progress the charity’s data priorities and data needs.

If you are looking to develop your data reporting capability and are wishing to exploit the potential of Power BI using data from your CRM system and other sources, then James Drever (Careful Digital) comes highly recommended.

Gary Foster, Information Systems and Information Security Manager,Field Studies Council

I was part of a multi-disciplinary team managed by James, that worked on a charity-wide digital transformation project for FSC during 2018-2020. The Booking Admin Review project was aimed at improving the customer journey and increasing operational efficiency through the design and implementation of a fully integrated digital booking administration system.

James’s approach of working with People, Processes and Technology (in that order) meant that the project had a solid foundation of user engagement and collaboration right from the outset, which contributed significantly to its success.

James’ clear sighted vision, patience and creativity was invaluable in positively navigating the varied and complex needs of the project stakeholders. He is adept at handling detail while maintaining a holistic and strategic overview of the project. His leadership and coaching, being mindful of the various implications and dependencies of any change, resulted in a team that created better solutions at the outset as well as ongoing dialogue for continuous improvement in the future.

As well as his technical capability, it is James’s ability to connect and communicate with the users of technology that is so inspiring and valuable.

Sophie Wild, Office Manager

Steve Tilling was Director of Communications at the Field Studies Council when I joined the charity. We worked together for a number of years on a number of projects, including London Challenge New Views, for which I produced a website that managed the booking process for children from London schools getting a residential experience through a variety of providers.

I’ve worked with James for over 15 years on many initiatives including some high-profile and large-scale national IT projects. Throughout that time I have been hugely impressed with his imagination, creativity and management skills. James is always a beacon of calm and dependability and somehow manages to create a sensible and workable solution, even when those of us around him have struggled to see any light going forward.

I worked with Richard Dawson, then Global Projects Manager at Field Studies Council, on a series of global environmental education projects.

James and I have worked together on several projects to develop an online presence. Initially this came from James helping to rescue projects that had gone awry; his clear thinking and precision has been much appreciated in seeing through the haze of unclear information and mis-directed ideas. This has led to working with James to develop websites from scratch. A recent example is the Real World Learning Network website. James provided clarity in formulating the purpose and possibility of the website, ensuring it ‘does what it says on the tin.’ He managed the technical side of development and established a clear Umbraco multi-language web editing platform which gave both flexibility and security. He has always responded positively to the need for change as projects develop and websites needs change. Finally, James has a finely honed quality in seeing what the client needs to communicate, rather than focusing on the latest technical wizardry.

I worked with Steve from Ironworks to get his website working effectively for his business.

James has been an invaluable part of my business and I can’t recommend his services enough. He is very approachable and brought a wealth of knowledge to the implementation of my website. I basically had a site that wasn’t working and didn’t generate any business. However James transformed this and very quickly created a working bespoke website that has successfully underpinned my business for the last six years. I can’t thank him enough for the input he’s had.

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