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The Bookings Review (Review phase)

This project for the Field Studies Council involved a holistic analysis of their bookings and administrative processes. A genuine digital transformation project, the review focused on:

  • People: rather than starting with technology or systems, we started by speaking to people, both customers and staff, to understand how the current processes and technology worked, what was working and what wasn't, and what was most important to the people directly involved in those processes.
  • Processes: we formally reviewed and documented processes, to be able to visualise and understand how those processes worked currently, and therefore how they could work better in the future
  • Technology: the final focus was on how to use technology to help make the improvements in People and Process.
The FSC's IT/Digital Strategy

James led the development of FSC's IT/digital strategy to 2020. The strategy was a response to the charity's increasing dependence on technology and rising customer expectations. We:

  • Identified key technology trends
  • Had conversations with FSC teams/external partners
  • Had conversations with other charities
  • Delivered a recommended programme of work, based on the Theory of Change methodology

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