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The Process of Making a Website

All websites and all organisations and companies are different. But here is an overview of what the process of making (or refining) a website with Careful Digital might look like. We break the process down into a set of phases.

The Discovery phase

The Alpha phase

Only after exploring these questions would we start to build or amend the site. And the first version of the site would be a usable protoype - to discuss with your colleagues but also hopefully to get initial feedback from your key audiences. We would then use this feedback to refine the site.

The Beta phase

We would then continue to build the site, responding to the feedback from the Alpha phase. The Beta version of the site would be functionally ready for use - and we'd use this to get further feedback with colleagues and key audieces, before getting to...

The Live phase

Where we would present the "live" version of the website, and monitor closely how it performed, thinking back to the purpose of the site and those key end-points we'd discussed right at the start of the process.

If you want to explore working in this way, get in touch