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How Fast is your Website?

We are ruthlessly focussed on producing high-performance website. Our tailored approached - keeping things as simple as possible, focusing on the key audiences for the site and content that is relevant to them, means our work is lean and super-fast.

Many people use site building software - WordPress, Wix or Squarespace - to produce their websites. These tools are really useful and allow people to create content quickly and easily, but they do have a cost. The websites that they produce are often laden down with unnecessary "stuff" - side-effects of this easy-creation process - that make the sites slow and cumbersome to load.

By contrast, our hand-made sites are blisteringly fast. This matters, because:

Google's PageSpeed website provides a way of rating the speed of your website. Have a look at the results for one of our websites - James's online book on Moby Dick. It gets the highest possible rating. Now go to the PageSpeed website and test your own website. How does it compare?

If you want to find out how to make your website faster, get in touch