Why do we like Kirby so much?


We've only been using the Kirby CMS (content management system) for a few months but we have already decided it is a key part of our business for the future. Why?

How have we used Kirby?

We only started using Kirby towards the end of last year. We have already used Kirby for the following projects:

Screenshot of the Natural Entrepreneurs platform home page
The Natural Entrepeneurs platform, created using Kirby

How does Kirby compare to other Content Management Systems?

Kirby is in some ways similar to Umbraco, which we used for a number of years, and which shares a really good editor experience and a lot of flexibility and freedom to create bespoke solutions. Kirby is more lightweight (no database) and simpler to work with from a development perspective.

Kirby has been a breath of fresh air compared to working with WordPress. WordPress is still in many ways a very good way to create websites, and has a far larger community and range of plugins than Kirby. However, Kirby is far easier to work with, and still feels lightweight and coherent, whereas WordPress now feels like it has become something of a monster.

To take one specific example in which Kirby feels superior, while Gutenberg Blocks in WordPress have many strengths, Kirby's content blocks are:

Screenshot of the Kirby editor experience for the NatEnt platform
The Kirby editor experience for the NatEnt platform

Kirby will be a vital part of our business in the future and we can't wait to create some new Kirby websites.

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